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Menstruation and womans health products


..... a product that honors women's health and their bodies as well as the ecological balance of our planet

The KEEPER menstrual is an alternative feminine hygiene menstruation product

....... Like the name says "it's a KEEPER", not a throw away !

The KEEPER is a small internally worn, reusable, menstrual cup, made from natural gum rubber (latex). A wise alternative to tampons or pads. The KEEPER menstrual cup can hold up to one ounce of your menstrual flow (An average woman’s entire monthly flow is from 2 to 4 ounces) It can be worn up to 12 hours and even overnight. Great for active women.

The KEEPER honors your body since it does not absorb or disrupt your natural vaginal moisture, as it "is a KEEPER" of your monthly menstrual flow rather than an absorber. With the KEEPER menstrual cup you avoid the small ripes and tears that can be caused by the applicator. Since The KEEPER menstrual cup is made from natural gum rubber you are eliminating chemicals (dixions), fibers and additives possibly found in commercial feminine hygiene products. If you are sensitive to latex, the KEEPER menstrual cup is not recommended, if you are unsure consult with your OB/GYN. (click here for more details to decide this for yourself)

The KEEPER menstrual cup is environment friendly, honoring the ecological balance of the earth ... no paper products to throw away month after month. No plastic applicators. All of which create pollution and dangers to wildlife. The trees from which gum rubber is produced are tapped, not cut down. (Click for more details of the effects disposables have on the earth)

The KEEPER menstrual cup is economical, honoring your pocketbook. When cared for properly, The KEEPER menstrual cup can last up to 10 years. The KEEPER is so convenient. No need to carry a purse filled with feminine hygiene care products or stuffing your pockets before you leave home. (click here for more details)

The KEEPER menstrual cup is simple to use and easy to care for, when done properly. To insert the KEEPER menstrual cup , first fold it lengthwise between your fingers, insert, rotate and pull slightly to get a seal. To remove, insert finger and hook around the rim, gentle push away from your vaginal walls and release the suction, pull the tab gently, remove and empty. Rinse or wipe and reinsert. (click for detailed instructions.)

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