8 New Skills you Should Consider Learning in 2021

8 New Skills you Should Consider Learning in 2021

This year, we have all had a lot of free time to play around with. For most of us, we have been filling this time with watching as much Netflix as possible and pigging out in front of the TV. However, you can only do these things for so long before you start to feel as though you are wasting your time. We recommend that you use your spare time to learn some valuable skills that you can take forward and use to improve the quality of your life. Here are 8 new skills you should consider learning in 2021. 

A New Language 

If you have found yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands, then a very useful skill that you could pick up is learning a new language. Many people believe that once you reach a certain age you can no longer learn a new language, this really isn’t the case. Learning a new language will open you up to a world of opportunities. You will be able to communicate with a vast amount of people and you will also be open to many more job opportunities.  

If you are wanting to travel once the craziness of the pandemic subsides, then you will be able to test what you have learned and go to a country that speaks whatever language you choose to conquer. 

Self Defense 

Self-defense is an extremely valuable skill, but it is something that not many of us know. Unfortunately, the world can be a dangerous place and we are all at the risk of potentially being hurt by someone who does not have the best intentions. 

 You can learn self-defense by watching youtube videos or attending classes. You can also educate yourself on equipment that you can purchase in order to protect yourself, such as alarms and pepper sprays. If you are someone interested in purchasing pepper sprays, you can always read Guardian pepper spray reviews online. 


A skill that we would all like to have is organization. Being a well-organized person will make your life much easier, as an organization is a key to efficiency. If you are someone that is currently working from home, then you may have become overwhelmed by paperwork or remembering deadlines and meeting dates.  

Figuring out how to stay organized and keep track of any engagements you have will mean that you can focus on the things that matter without worrying about missing something or losing anything important. 

An Instrument  

Another great way to invest your time is by learning a new instrument. Playing an instrument is one of those things that everyone wants to be able to do, but not many people can. There is something therapeutic about being able to play an instrument and it is a great creative outlet for any of you with hectic lives. 

Learning an instrument can also help improve your memory as you create brand new pathways within your brain which will encourage you to be able to pick up new skills much easier. 

Car Repairs 

Not everyone that drives knows how to fix a problem with their car. This is perfectly normal, as not everyone was taught the ins and outs of cars while growing up. Due to a lack of knowledge, many of us invest thousands every year in enlisting the help of a mechanic.  

In order to save yourself some money, you should learn the basics of car repairs. Figuring out how to fix easily fixable problems will mean that you won’t have to keep going to and from a mechanic for help, which means you can invest your money in items that you actually want. 


As the sun is starting to come out, you may be spending a lot more time in your garden. While in your garden, you may have noticed your neighbors getting down to a little gardening. Why not develop a green thumb yourself?  Gardening is an extremely relaxing activity that keeps your brain busy.  

You can also plant and grow your own produce, which means you can save money on buying fruit and veg that can be easily grown at home. If your garden is looking a bit plain, you will be able to make it a bit more colorful with the introduction of flowers and trees. 


Sometime in the near future, nightclubs will be opening once again.  Some of us are a bit behind on our dancing skills, so why not use the time that you have now in order to teach yourself how to bust a move on the dance floor? 

Dancing is not only extremely fun, but it is really good for your body. If you want to stay fit but don’t want to hit the gym, then taking a few dance classes may be for you. 

Survival Skills 

If you are someone that loves to watch survival shows, you may have learned a few tricks. Though you may think you would know what to do in a survival situation, you never really know until you put your knowledge to the test. If you really want to see if you can make it in a survival situation, why not test it by heading out on a camping trip and seeing if you are capable of surviving by making a fire and even hunting for your own food.  

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