How To Ensure You Are Comfortable During Your Period

How To Ensure You Are Comfortable During Your Period

If you are a woman, something that you are likely aware of is just how uncomfortable you can feel on your period. Nobody enjoys their period. It leaves you feeling emotional, bloated, exhausted, and in pain.

Though nobody likes it, a period is something that every woman will experience in their life and so the only thing that you can do is try and cope with it. The easiest way for you to get through your period is by staying comfortable, as this can often take a lot of pressure off the pain. Here are some ways to ensure you are comfortable during your period.

Pain Killers

One of the worst parts about getting your period is the overwhelming pain that you will feel when you are going through it. When you are on your period, your womb literally expands which puts a lot of pressure on your organs. You are also losing the inner lining of your womb, which can be a painful process.

It is important that you have pain relief that helps you get through some of the more intense pain of your period. You can get pain medication that is specifically designed to help alleviate the pain of your period and this can be a big relief.

Comfortable Seating

As you probably know, when you are on your period, the last thing that you want is to be active and moving. When you are in pain, all you want to do is get comfy and cuddle up in your home. You need to make sure that you have a comfortable place where you can sit and relax when your pain is feeling very intense.

If you do not have somewhere comfortable in your house, an egg chair is a great addition to your home and they are incredibly comfortable. Not only are they comfortable, but they are something that is very different and if you are looking for a way for your home to stand out, an egg chair is a sure way to do it.


Something that all women experience when they are on their period is constant cravings. Your body is literally going through a huge hormonal shift and so the least that it deserves is to have as many sweet snacks as it would like.

You may be afraid of eating unhealthy foods, but you are allowed to do it every now and again as a treat. Make sure that before your next period is due, you pick up an array of snacks that you know you love. When the pain and the frustration of your period hits, you will be glad that you had some delicious snacks that you can indulge in.

Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is a great tool for relieving pain and they are very cheap to buy. The heat can be a big relief on any stomach cramps that you may be experiencing and cuddling up with the hot water bottle will make you feel much more relaxed in general.

Why Mum Clubs Are a Great Place to Make Friends

Why Mum Clubs Are a Great Place to Make Friends

Something that you definitely noticed when you became a mum is that you started to see your friends a lot less. It’s the usual story of your friends being over the moon during your pregnancy and planning a million ways that they can spoil your child, before slowly disappearing after your child is born.

Unfortunately, this is a tale that all mothers know all too well. Though the idea of being around a child might be fun in theory, when you are someone who doesn’t have kids, spending your time with someone else’s can be a bit overwhelming and even boring at times.

Before you had kids, you could probably do just about anything that you wanted and you didn’t have to worry about having to be responsible for another human being. However, after you have children you may not be able to make it to as many plans as you once did and events like hitting the town and having drinks may sound exhausting.

A very unfortunate but natural part of becoming a mother is that you lose some friends along the way, as not everyone will be able to cater to or understand your new lifestyle and responsibilities.

Though it can be understandable why you may lose friends after giving birth, it doesn’t make it anymore sad and frustrating. Just because you have children does not mean that you don’t want a social life too and it can really start to take a toll on your mental health when you have nobody to confide in or spend time with.

The friends that you do have may not be able to fit your schedule and they may not be able to understand your feelings if you express to them that you are feeling lonely after a child. If you are in a bit of a friend rut after having a child, you may have just accepted that this is your life from now on and you are just going to have to vent to someone that can’t even hold their own spoon for the foreseeable.

Being a mum does not mean that you have to be friendless and it actually opens you up to a brand new world of friends that you may not have ever had. The best kind of friend that you can have when you become a mum is a fellow mum and the best place to meet them is at mum clubs.

Here is a look into why mum clubs are a great place to meet friends.

You Have Common Grounds

A big reason that you likely lost touch with some friends after giving birth is that you don’t share the same common ground that you once did. However, if you make friends with someone that is already a parent, they will be well aware of the kind of lifestyle that you are currently living and they will be able to relate to you.

When you first join a mum club you may be shy and you may not be able to think of something to say. However, because you have children, you instantly have a topic of discussion that you can start off on. If you don’t have a lot to say about yourself, simply speak about your children and get to know about the other mum’s kids too.

Once you feel a bit more comfortable, you can then start to get to know each other on a deeper level and who knows, you might become lifelong friends.

Other Mums Are Desperate For Companionship Too

If you are desperate to find someone that you can speak to and reach out to, then it is likely that someone else in that mum club is too. You are not the only person that has become a bit more isolated after having your child and so you will be glad to know that you are not alone.

If you see another mum sitting to the side in the mum club, don’t be afraid to go and speak to her. It is likely that she is eager for a chat too and she will be more than happy to speak to you. If you are not good at breaking the ice, you could always try these wyr questions. Doing this is a great way to break the ice and also have a great time, which I am sure you both need.

Examining Why Health Issues in Women go Misdiagnosed

Whilst this has always been an issue within the medical field, it’s only been in recent years that it has come to light just how often women are being misdiagnosed by doctors and there have been more lawsuits for lack of care than ever before. Men and women have very different bodies and therefore different needs, there has been some progress in research about women’s medical needs, for example, it has come to light that men and women need different types of steroids as they affect male and female bodies differently. However, there hasn’t been enough progress as it’s easy for men to access steroid but it’s much harder for women, most legal steroids for women are available here online, it’s almost impossible to obtain women-specific steroids over the counter. This is a small insight into how women and men get treated differently in the medical field, keep reading to further explore why women are so often misdiagnosed. 

Different Symptoms

There are several reasons why health issues in women often go misdiagnosed and therefore untreated, one of the main reasons is that women often experience different symptoms from men. In the past, most testing has been performed on men, even in animal trials 75% of the time the animals being tested on were male. This means that the ‘normal’ symptoms associated with various illnesses are mainly based on how a man’s body would react. One example of this is that chest pain is the most common symptom associated with a heart attack, however, often in women, there are more subtle signs like shortness of breath, fatigue, and indigestion. As the medical community is so used to chest pain being the most common symptom, rather than realizing that this could be a sign of a heart attack in women they think these symptoms are a result of other issues such as the flu, leaving women to go misdiagnosed.  


As briefly mentioned, the majority of medical research has been based around males, even in animal clinical trials. The male body was seen as the standard as sexism against women was deep-rooted in society in the past when medicine was developing. Although in 1993 a law was passed by congress requiring clinical trials to focus research on women just as much as they do on men. Even though this came into law, recent studies suggest there has not been enough advancement in the effects of medicine in women, until there is more progress in this area women will continue to go misdiagnosed. 


Unfortunately, there are still many stereotypes around women that lead medical professionals to dismiss what women say and not take women seriously. Many women have been told that their symptoms are all in their head, that they’re simply overreacting, or that any pain they’re feeling is simply a result of their period which is not the case. The most high-profile case of this happening is with the famous tennis player Serena Williams, she was concerned about blood clots after she had a C-Section and was suffering from shortness of breath. At first, her thoughts were dismissed and she was told by a nurse that she was just confused. However, she kept pushing and demanded a CT scan, only then did the doctor find that she was correct and she did have life-threatening blood clots. 

How should you deal with this situation as a woman?

The first and most important thing that you should do if you believe you’re being dismissed is to always trust your instincts. No one knows your body as well as you do, so listen to it, if it’s giving you warning signals then always listen to them and trust your gut. Keep pushing or change your doctor if you’re not being taken seriously. You should also keep records of any symptoms you have as this will help to get people to take you more seriously and help in getting the correct diagnosis. Another issue in women’s health is women often get told they’re too young to be suffering from certain issues, but in many cases, especially after pregnancy, people can develop illnesses and diseases much younger than the average age so never think you’re too young for an issue to affect you.  

Fad From Fiction: How to Spot Legitimate and Useful Health Advice

There are many websites and resources in the world that portray false information and health advice. This may end up causing serious harm to a person if the advice is not truthful or legitimate. It is important to look carefully for resourceful and legitimate sites that distribute the correct information. Many sites are untrustworthy and provide false and misleading information. However, there are ways to identify how some sites actually provide useful and legitimate health advice. Many sites include numbers of health professionals and addresses that you can go to in order to receive help if you need it.


Online Information

There is a lot of information online, there are many sites that publish false information in order to gain money. Many sites publish information for their own financial gain and to increase the popularity of their website, without actually consulting medical professionals. You can identify legitimate websites such as womenconcepts. You can identify a legitimate website by the URL; many legitimate websites end in .com, .org, .gov and .edu are the most trustworthy websites to use. Many of these sites will have quotations from doctors and other medical professionals. Before you go online to research health advice, it is best to first consult a medical professional such as your General Practitioner. False and misleading information can be extremely harmful, many of these websites have been created to look professional so that people will trust the page. There are also leaflets in the office of many medical centers and hospitals on a different range of topics, ailments, and supplies and how to obtain them. These leaflets are an even better resource than online, they are supplied by medical professionals and distributed to patients.


Identifying legitimate Health Advice

There are many legitimate health websites that provide legitimate health advice. You may want to read up on some health advice if you are having minor issues with your health and feel that you do not need the help of a medical professional. However, it is best to always consult a doctor, as many people self-diagnose from different websites. These websites can cause fearmongering among people and lead them to believe they have an illness or ailment even though they may be perfectly healthy. Many legitimate sites have links to articles and reviews from customers or patients, which anyone on the website has access to. Additionally, many false websites include pop-up advertisements and try to get you to enter your e-mail address. They do this in order to lure you in with promises of trying a free product, however, most of the time this is a scam, and you will get bombarded with e-mails and scams from the company.


Medical Health Professionals

Before self-diagnosing, as many people do, you should always call on the help of a medical professional. In doing this, you will be given the best possible and most reliable advice. If you have self-diagnosed on a website and felt that you may have some symptoms, then it is best to seek medical advice. Many medical professionals advise that you do consult them before you research your symptoms online. You may frighten yourself and self-diagnose wrongly, which can cause a lot of stress. Although there are many legitimate sites, you should use the NHS website as it provides information on what to do if you feel you have symptoms of a certain illness. Most legitimate websites provide numbers to clinics, hospitals, and medical professionals who you can call if you feel you need help. This is one way to identify a reliable website with health advice.

Finding The Right Doctor: Things to Look Out For

Your health is not something to be taken for granted. Looking after your mind and body is pivotal. So if your health is so important, it also means the Doctor you visit is able to provide you with the care and treatment that works best for you.

Medical professionals are not one size fits all. Some are better in their field than others. And some are simply interested in making a quick buck off your insurance provider. So we have put together this guide of things to look out for while you are searching for a new primary carer.

Bedside Manner

Being a Doctor is about more than just treating an illness. It also involves caring for a patient. Having a rude or angry doctor working as your primary carer will undoubtedly have negative effects on your mental health. It has also been proven that doctors with poor bedside manner discourage patients from returning as often as they should, which can lead to further issues.

So you will want to make sure the doctor you are seeing is friendly, patient and it also helps if they are a little bit charming too.

Medical Knowledge

This one will require you to do a bit of medical research yourself. Medicine is an ever-changing field. As such, doctors need to constantly be reading up on the latest advancements and putting them into practice. For example, a recent medical study found doctors prefer microcannulas over sharp needles as they are safer and more effective. So you might question your doctor about this to see if they are keeping up with the times.

You want to make sure your primary carer is giving you the best treatment you can get. So take to the internet and get read up on the latest medical innovations.

Specialist Training

The medical field is massive. There are countless different fields a doctor can specialize and study in. And not every doctor will be versed in every other field. To that end, you need to make sure you have found a doctor that can provide what you need.

This is particularly important for anyone with preexisting conditions or a predisposition to certain ailments such as migraines. Every year hundreds of people have serious conditions or illnesses that go undiagnosed because of poor medical care. So it is crucial that you find a doctor who is skilled and well-read. But most importantly, you want a doctor who isn’t going to dismiss you out of hand.


Thinking of reviews when it comes to doctors might seem silly. But reviews aren’t just for restaurants and hotels.  But hearing what other people have to say about a medical professional is vital in making sure they are right for you. A doctor might seem great when you first meet them, but this could all be a front. Don’t be afraid to dive in and do some research on the man behind the medicine.



Women’s Health & Wellness Issues

As a lady, it is significant that you teach yourself in each feature of ladies’ wellbeing, since it covers an expansive range directly from general wellbeing down to the smaller focal point of regenerative wellbeing. Ladies’ wellbeing is a major issue from pregnancy to diseases, to fruitlessness

With regards to wellbeing, people understanding and respond to different conditions in an unexpected way. Both need to participate in safeguard measures as this improves their personal satisfaction.

The subject of ladies’ wellbeing is a developing issue. There is heaps of data out there comparative with this subject which can make things a bit of befuddling yet as you experience it you will find that the basics continue as before.

There are additionally various items out there to assist ladies with conquering different wellbeing challenges yet you ought to consistently instruct yourself about what you are taking. The web is an awesome apparatus to do this. There are loads of gatherings and networks out there where ladies talk about items they have utilized and what advantages or downsides they encountered while taking them

Like whatever else, it is tied in with getting the correct data. So you may need to burrow profound and in every case twofold check for different authority references.

As we as a whole know, what you eat is significant with regards to your wellbeing. Incredibly, probably the most significant fixings important to have a solid eating regimen are all the more regularly then not hard to find in the nourishments that we eat every day.

Fortunately sound nourishments are promptly accessible in your neighborhood supermarket however you may need to put forth an additional attempt to discover them. It’s interesting how they appear to show the supplement looting nourishments all the more pervasively over that of the solid food sources.

Ladies have numerous medical problems to manage, for example, bosom malignant growth for instance. It is significant as a lady that you do ordinary mammograms as a deterrent measure. According to regular exercise is significant and it is additionally fundamental that you grow great propensities. For example, drinking a lot of water, eating new food, for example, products of the soil and all in all having a reasonable eating routine.

Keep in mind, avoidance is in every case superior to a fix. Standard exercise and great dietary patterns will do a ton to improve your way of life and mental self portrait. It will likewise help with your emotional wellness and general point of view and alongside this ordinary exercise has been demonstrated to decrease the seriousness of menstrual spasms.

At last, another key component to wellbeing is rest. Lack of sleep isn’t beneficial for you and there are various investigations out there that report on the different medical problems that can emerge because of absence of rest. Taking everything into account, eat healthy, practice and get standard check ups for most extreme wellbeing.