If you are a woman, something that you are likely aware of is just how uncomfortable you can feel on your period. Nobody enjoys their period. It leaves you feeling emotional, bloated, exhausted, and in pain.

Though nobody likes it, a period is something that every woman will experience in their life and so the only thing that you can do is try and cope with it. The easiest way for you to get through your period is by staying comfortable, as this can often take a lot of pressure off the pain. Here are some ways to ensure you are comfortable during your period.

Pain Killers

One of the worst parts about getting your period is the overwhelming pain that you will feel when you are going through it. When you are on your period, your womb literally expands which puts a lot of pressure on your organs. You are also losing the inner lining of your womb, which can be a painful process.

It is important that you have pain relief that helps you get through some of the more intense pain of your period. You can get pain medication that is specifically designed to help alleviate the pain of your period and this can be a big relief.

Comfortable Seating

As you probably know, when you are on your period, the last thing that you want is to be active and moving. When you are in pain, all you want to do is get comfy and cuddle up in your home. You need to make sure that you have a comfortable place where you can sit and relax when your pain is feeling very intense.

If you do not have somewhere comfortable in your house, an egg chair is a great addition to your homeĀ and they are incredibly comfortable. Not only are they comfortable, but they are something that is very different and if you are looking for a way for your home to stand out, an egg chair is a sure way to do it.


Something that all women experience when they are on their period is constant cravings. Your body is literally going through a huge hormonal shift and so the least that it deserves is to have as many sweet snacks as it would like.

You may be afraid of eating unhealthy foods, but you are allowed to do it every now and again as a treat. Make sure that before your next period is due, you pick up an array of snacks that you know you love. When the pain and the frustration of your period hits, you will be glad that you had some delicious snacks that you can indulge in.

Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is a great tool for relieving pain and they are very cheap to buy. The heat can be a big relief on any stomach cramps that you may be experiencing and cuddling up with the hot water bottle will make you feel much more relaxed in general.