These Games are a Great Way of Exercising Your Mind

These Games are a Great Way of Exercising Your Mind

Exercise is one of the most important parts of our health. A good workout session does wonders for the body and the mind. Releasing endorphins and creating a post-workout high that can boost you through any difficult day.

But there is a huge difference between working out for your mind and working out your mind. While a traditional workout will make you feel good, a mental workout will boost your brainpower and make you more alert and focused.

Mental workouts are proven to improve your memory and information intake. Along with improving rapid thinking and overall mood. There are a number of ways to work out your mind. But the best way is to play any of these different games. Each is fun and engaging and proven to give your brain a proper workout. And don’t be afraid to look up some game help for any of these. The point is winning, but to test yourself.


One of the oldest and most respected games on the planet. Chess is the ultimate battle of wits and tactics. The path to victory in chess lies in not only having an excellent plan of your own but being able to predict your opponent’s moves. You need to play around them while they play around you.

Chess is one of the easiest games to learn, and the most difficult game to master. But it is one of the most mentally rewarding games out there. There are hundreds of online chess games available. Or go old school and get a cheap chess set and start battling now.



Suduko is a numbers puzzle that can throw a lot of people off, especially if those people dislike maths But Suduko isn’t really about maths at all. It is about planning ahead, carefully calculating your next move, and testing your puzzle-solving abilities.

It has been said that doing one Suduko puzzle a day can have a significant impact on your day to day life. And Suduko books are extremely cheap as well. So there is no reason not to give it a try.


The ultimate test of your vocabulary and spelling skills wrapped up in a puzzle. Crosswords have been shown to improve your power of speech along with helping your logical thinking abilities. The connections your brain makes while associating a word with the correct clue train your mind to make these connections about the world around you.

If you work in public speaking or any job that involves writing, doing a daily crossword is a fantastic way to keep your skills sharp and expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Guitar Hero

Something a bit more out there than our previous choices. Guitar Hero is more than just a wish-fulfillment for wannabe rockers. It is a powerful tool for improving hand-eye coordination and rhythm skills. This combines a good physical workout with an intense mental one, giving the best of both worlds.

It also helps improve your information processing skills. The speed at which Guitar Hero plays means the brain has to take in a lot of information fast and process it into physical movement. So if you work in a field that requires a lot of physical activity, or even a slow-paced job that needs you to keep a rhythm, Guitar Hero is an excellent choice.

It should be noted that any rhythm game works just as well as Guitar Hero. Beatsaber or Rock band or even Dance-Dance Revolution. All of these provide the same benefits.

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