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7 Signs you Have a Controlling Boyfriend

Relationships can be fun and enjoyable, but they also can be hard, especially with a controlling partner, and there can be a fine line between looking out for your safety and wanting to control what you’re doing. Here are 7 signs that you might have a controlling boyfriend, and what to do if he is.

Constant Criticism

One thing to look out for is constant criticism. Someone who wants to control their partner may start by trying to lower their self-esteem, and this can be with comments about your insecurities, such as your weight or appearance. Or they might try to put you down about work, such as you getting a promotion but they say that the pay or hours isn’t enough, or maybe they compare it to one of their own achievements to make yours seem futile.

Wanting access to your social media

This sign is something that might seem obvious, but love can be blinding. It can start with them just asking to message your friends for a joke or looking over your shoulder when you’re on your phone with them. Or maybe they want your phone password, and they might even try to use the argument that if you didn’t have something to hide then it wouldn’t be a problem. Even in a relationship, you are allowed to have privacy, and don’t have to show your partner everything.

Isolating you from friends

In order to gain more control, they may start trying to isolate you from your loved ones. If they start asking you to go out less or accusing you of spending more time with your friends than them, they could be showing controlling behaviour. They may even start to ignore you when you do go out with them. If he does this, don’t try to think of things to say to your bf when he is ignoring you as this is what he wants. Instead, it is best to ignore them and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Ignoring Boundaries

Someone who is controlling has a hard time hearing the word ‘No’. They’re going to want everything to be their way, no matter how you feel. It can be something as simple as them not stopping tickling you when you’ve told them no or even be them forcing you to go to a restaurant of their choosing after you’ve told them you don’t like it. If you notice any of these behaviours in your partner, you need to sit down and talk with them about respecting boundaries.


Jealousy is a big sign of a controlling boyfriend. And this doesn’t just mean being jealous of other guys giving you attention, it can also mean being jealous of your friends, or you spending time with family, or you being in any setting where you have to interact with other men. If they start acting possessive of you, or tell you to not hang out with certain people as it upsets them (with no valid reason as to why), then it might be time to consider ending your relationship.

Using intimidation

Intimidation isn’t just in the form of the threat of physical violence, it can also be emotional. One example is if you’re going to do something and they “joke” that they’ll break up with you if you do. This is a form of intimidation, as it is an attempt to use scare tactics to make you do what they want, and one way to deal with this is by not showing you’re scared of the threats they are making.

They gaslight you

Gaslighting is a common tactic of abusers, and it can be hard to tell when it’s happening to you. If you accuse them of doing something to hurt you, they will deny it ever happening, or tell you that you’re overreacting or misremembering it. If you boyfriend does this, it is best to start writing everything down so you can have proof of your memories, and not fall for their lies.

If you notice any of these signs in your boyfriend, it might be best to talk to someone you know like a friend about your concerns and try and talk it out with your partner too. If they refuse to change their behaviour, it may be in your best interest to leave.

The Best Home Workout Routines Of 2021

Let’s face it , after a year of sitting inside watching Netflix and eating snacks, some of us are not in the best physical shape. Many of you may be eager to head to the gym, but right now the gyms are as busy as ever and it’s almost impossible to fit in a good gym session without having to wait around for the machines to be free.

Some of you may not have the confidence to head to the gym after being away for so long, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise at all. There are plenty of workout routines that you can do at home and here are just a few of them.

Household Object Cardio

Not everyone can afford to own expensive household workout objects and if this is the case for you, then don’t worry.  You can actually use a lot of objects that are just lying around your home to work out with. An example of this is using milk jugs or water bottles as weights, as you can control the volume of liquid within them.

If you are someone that has garden space, then you can also get in plenty of cardio. If you have the time, you can set up a small course for you to complete in your garden. This will make you feel as though you have an objective and will encourage you to complete exercise more frequently.

Home Decor and Improvement

If you are someone that hates exercise that feels like a chore, then you can get in plenty of exercise without even realising that you are exercising. Home renovation takes a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, so at the end of a long day you will have burned off plenty of calories.

If you are someone that doesn’t have any home renovations that are necessarily needed, then you may be glad to know that there are lots of ways to take part in home improvement without having to do it at your own house. Everyday,  new customers needed for a home improvement company and this company allows you to take part in home improvement which gives you a good work out.


Another way to work out without feeling as though you are forcing yourself to exercise is by cleaning. Even if you feel as though your home is already clean, there are probably spots that you haven’t touched in quite a while.

A great way to get a full body workout is by doing something as simple as hoovering all of the floors in your home. Anything that has you off your feet and active is a great way to exercise and you are more likely to do it if it doesn’t feel like you are exercising at all.

Workout videos

If you are someone that exercises better under instruction, then you may be missing your usual gym classes. You will be glad to know that on Youtube and similar sites there are plenty of workout videos that you can follow, all of which are catered to differing ability levels and techniques.

If you are someone that has access to a gaming console such as a Switch or Play station, then you may be glad to know that there are a lot of games that you can download that will allow you to have a good workout. One of the most popular games for this is Just Dance. Just Dance has several different levels to choose from, so depending on your athletic ability you will be able to find a dance that works for you.

8 New Skills you Should Consider Learning in 2021

This year, we have all had a lot of free time to play around with. For most of us, we have been filling this time with watching as much Netflix as possible and pigging out in front of the TV. However, you can only do these things for so long before you start to feel as though you are wasting your time. We recommend that you use your spare time to learn some valuable skills that you can take forward and use to improve the quality of your life. Here are 8 new skills you should consider learning in 2021. 

A New Language 

If you have found yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands, then a very useful skill that you could pick up is learning a new language. Many people believe that once you reach a certain age you can no longer learn a new language, this really isn’t the case. Learning a new language will open you up to a world of opportunities. You will be able to communicate with a vast amount of people and you will also be open to many more job opportunities.  

If you are wanting to travel once the craziness of the pandemic subsides, then you will be able to test what you have learned and go to a country that speaks whatever language you choose to conquer. 

Self Defense 

Self-defense is an extremely valuable skill, but it is something that not many of us know. Unfortunately, the world can be a dangerous place and we are all at the risk of potentially being hurt by someone who does not have the best intentions. 

 You can learn self-defense by watching youtube videos or attending classes. You can also educate yourself on equipment that you can purchase in order to protect yourself, such as alarms and pepper sprays. If you are someone interested in purchasing pepper sprays, you can always read Guardian pepper spray reviews online. 


A skill that we would all like to have is organization. Being a well-organized person will make your life much easier, as an organization is a key to efficiency. If you are someone that is currently working from home, then you may have become overwhelmed by paperwork or remembering deadlines and meeting dates.  

Figuring out how to stay organized and keep track of any engagements you have will mean that you can focus on the things that matter without worrying about missing something or losing anything important. 

An Instrument  

Another great way to invest your time is by learning a new instrument. Playing an instrument is one of those things that everyone wants to be able to do, but not many people can. There is something therapeutic about being able to play an instrument and it is a great creative outlet for any of you with hectic lives. 

Learning an instrument can also help improve your memory as you create brand new pathways within your brain which will encourage you to be able to pick up new skills much easier. 

Car Repairs 

Not everyone that drives knows how to fix a problem with their car. This is perfectly normal, as not everyone was taught the ins and outs of cars while growing up. Due to a lack of knowledge, many of us invest thousands every year in enlisting the help of a mechanic.  

In order to save yourself some money, you should learn the basics of car repairs. Figuring out how to fix easily fixable problems will mean that you won’t have to keep going to and from a mechanic for help, which means you can invest your money in items that you actually want. 


As the sun is starting to come out, you may be spending a lot more time in your garden. While in your garden, you may have noticed your neighbors getting down to a little gardening. Why not develop a green thumb yourself?  Gardening is an extremely relaxing activity that keeps your brain busy.  

You can also plant and grow your own produce, which means you can save money on buying fruit and veg that can be easily grown at home. If your garden is looking a bit plain, you will be able to make it a bit more colorful with the introduction of flowers and trees. 


Sometime in the near future, nightclubs will be opening once again.  Some of us are a bit behind on our dancing skills, so why not use the time that you have now in order to teach yourself how to bust a move on the dance floor? 

Dancing is not only extremely fun, but it is really good for your body. If you want to stay fit but don’t want to hit the gym, then taking a few dance classes may be for you. 

Survival Skills 

If you are someone that loves to watch survival shows, you may have learned a few tricks. Though you may think you would know what to do in a survival situation, you never really know until you put your knowledge to the test. If you really want to see if you can make it in a survival situation, why not test it by heading out on a camping trip and seeing if you are capable of surviving by making a fire and even hunting for your own food.  

Stress Busting: 8 Ways to Reduce Day-To-Day Stress

As humans, it is natural for us to experience regular stress. With the current state of the world, it would be impossible to remain stress-free. With global warming, a global pandemic, and the questioning morality of those in control, it would be weird for someone to not experience stress right now. For some of us,  the stress of daily life can be disruptive to the daily schedule, so it would make sense why so many people are set on trying to reduce the stress.   

Trying to reduce your stress levels is easier said than do and some of you may not know where to even start. Don’t worry, we get it. Here are 8 ways to reduce day-to-day stress.  

Don’t overdo your workload  

One of the main reasons why stress is such a big problem these days is because we are a generation of overworked. With the increased economic stress of the world and the uncertainty associated with employment, many of us feel the need to overdo our workloads to feel as though we are contributing to society and climbing the social ladder.  Though it is commendable to want to achieve good things, it is important that you don’t take on more than you can handle. This will only lead to you burning out and could even potentially ruin the quality of what you do manage to get done. Decreasing the work you do will mean less stress and more productivity.  


Introduce CBD to your routine  

A new trend that you may have noticed taking off in the last few years is the use of CBD. CBD has been proven to relax the muscles in your body and also alleviate your mind of excessive stress. CBD can be introduced into your schedule in many ways, in fact, you can purchase disposable vapes that allow you to vape CBD oil. You can also buy CBD oil that can be put into your food. However you choose to take it, we recommend doing it at the end of your evening so you can wind down and enjoy a full night of sleep. As you all know, sleep is extremely important for the function of your brain, so the more sleep you get the better. 

Take time to do things you enjoy 

We can all get so overwhelmed by external issues that we forget to focus on taking the time to do what we enjoy. Enjoying at least an hour a day of wind downtime has shown to significantly reduce your overall stress levels. The body also releases oxytocin and dopamine when we are taking part in tasks that we enjoy. These chemicals create that ‘happy feeling’ that we all long for. These chemicals will overpower feelings of stress and give you some time of relief during an exceptionally stressful time.  

Spend time with the company  

Many people do not know that isolation can be a large factor behind feelings of stress. When we are alone we are often left with nothing but our thoughts, which makes many of us hyperfocus on the sheer amount of responsibility and jobs we have to carry out. When you are alone, it can be hard to distract from focusing on these thoughts. However, when we decide to spend time with the company, the brain becomes more preoccupied with interaction with other humans, which can be a much-needed break from thoughts of responsibility. Spending time with friends also increases the probability of laughing, which once again encourages the release of those happy chemicals that we all love.  

Go out for nice food 

Though this may not seem too obvious, treating yourself to some delicious food can actually be a great way to relieve any stress. Partaking in tasty food stimulates feelings of pleasure within the body and can lead to an improved mood.  It is not only the food that can help, being in an environment that you are not constantly exposed to can be very beneficial to your mood as it will give you an escape from the thoughts of your daily tasks. Not having to think about these tasks will mean that you can think about other things, such as hanging out with friends and relaxing. 

Take time to have a creative outlet  

Though you may choose to just unwind and watch Tv after a long day, it is recommended that you take the time to find a creative outlet. There is a reason that adult coloring has become so popular over the years, focusing on something relaxing can allow you to unwind without any problems.  Creating something will also give you a sense of achievement that will alleviate any feelings of pressure and stress. Doing something creative is also just very refreshing when compared to having to complete the rest of your responsibilities.  

Sleep Enough 

Arguably one of the most important yet most neglected ways of reducing stress is ensuring that you get as much sleep as you possibly can.  It is recommended that the average human should have at least eight hours of sleep a night, this will make sure that the brain is well-rested enough to be able to process the stress of completing everyday tasks. Your body also needs to recover after a long day of tasks before waking up and having to deal with more, so be sure to have an early night when you can.  

Examining Why Health Issues in Women go Misdiagnosed

Whilst this has always been an issue within the medical field, it’s only been in recent years that it has come to light just how often women are being misdiagnosed by doctors and there have been more lawsuits for lack of care than ever before. Men and women have very different bodies and therefore different needs, there has been some progress in research about women’s medical needs, for example, it has come to light that men and women need different types of steroids as they affect male and female bodies differently. However, there hasn’t been enough progress as it’s easy for men to access steroid but it’s much harder for women, most legal steroids for women are available here online, it’s almost impossible to obtain women-specific steroids over the counter. This is a small insight into how women and men get treated differently in the medical field, keep reading to further explore why women are so often misdiagnosed. 

Different Symptoms

There are several reasons why health issues in women often go misdiagnosed and therefore untreated, one of the main reasons is that women often experience different symptoms from men. In the past, most testing has been performed on men, even in animal trials 75% of the time the animals being tested on were male. This means that the ‘normal’ symptoms associated with various illnesses are mainly based on how a man’s body would react. One example of this is that chest pain is the most common symptom associated with a heart attack, however, often in women, there are more subtle signs like shortness of breath, fatigue, and indigestion. As the medical community is so used to chest pain being the most common symptom, rather than realizing that this could be a sign of a heart attack in women they think these symptoms are a result of other issues such as the flu, leaving women to go misdiagnosed.  


As briefly mentioned, the majority of medical research has been based around males, even in animal clinical trials. The male body was seen as the standard as sexism against women was deep-rooted in society in the past when medicine was developing. Although in 1993 a law was passed by congress requiring clinical trials to focus research on women just as much as they do on men. Even though this came into law, recent studies suggest there has not been enough advancement in the effects of medicine in women, until there is more progress in this area women will continue to go misdiagnosed. 


Unfortunately, there are still many stereotypes around women that lead medical professionals to dismiss what women say and not take women seriously. Many women have been told that their symptoms are all in their head, that they’re simply overreacting, or that any pain they’re feeling is simply a result of their period which is not the case. The most high-profile case of this happening is with the famous tennis player Serena Williams, she was concerned about blood clots after she had a C-Section and was suffering from shortness of breath. At first, her thoughts were dismissed and she was told by a nurse that she was just confused. However, she kept pushing and demanded a CT scan, only then did the doctor find that she was correct and she did have life-threatening blood clots. 

How should you deal with this situation as a woman?

The first and most important thing that you should do if you believe you’re being dismissed is to always trust your instincts. No one knows your body as well as you do, so listen to it, if it’s giving you warning signals then always listen to them and trust your gut. Keep pushing or change your doctor if you’re not being taken seriously. You should also keep records of any symptoms you have as this will help to get people to take you more seriously and help in getting the correct diagnosis. Another issue in women’s health is women often get told they’re too young to be suffering from certain issues, but in many cases, especially after pregnancy, people can develop illnesses and diseases much younger than the average age so never think you’re too young for an issue to affect you.  

Fad From Fiction: How to Spot Legitimate and Useful Health Advice

There are many websites and resources in the world that portray false information and health advice. This may end up causing serious harm to a person if the advice is not truthful or legitimate. It is important to look carefully for resourceful and legitimate sites that distribute the correct information. Many sites are untrustworthy and provide false and misleading information. However, there are ways to identify how some sites actually provide useful and legitimate health advice. Many sites include numbers of health professionals and addresses that you can go to in order to receive help if you need it.


Online Information

There is a lot of information online, there are many sites that publish false information in order to gain money. Many sites publish information for their own financial gain and to increase the popularity of their website, without actually consulting medical professionals. You can identify legitimate websites such as womenconcepts. You can identify a legitimate website by the URL; many legitimate websites end in .com, .org, .gov and .edu are the most trustworthy websites to use. Many of these sites will have quotations from doctors and other medical professionals. Before you go online to research health advice, it is best to first consult a medical professional such as your General Practitioner. False and misleading information can be extremely harmful, many of these websites have been created to look professional so that people will trust the page. There are also leaflets in the office of many medical centers and hospitals on a different range of topics, ailments, and supplies and how to obtain them. These leaflets are an even better resource than online, they are supplied by medical professionals and distributed to patients.


Identifying legitimate Health Advice

There are many legitimate health websites that provide legitimate health advice. You may want to read up on some health advice if you are having minor issues with your health and feel that you do not need the help of a medical professional. However, it is best to always consult a doctor, as many people self-diagnose from different websites. These websites can cause fearmongering among people and lead them to believe they have an illness or ailment even though they may be perfectly healthy. Many legitimate sites have links to articles and reviews from customers or patients, which anyone on the website has access to. Additionally, many false websites include pop-up advertisements and try to get you to enter your e-mail address. They do this in order to lure you in with promises of trying a free product, however, most of the time this is a scam, and you will get bombarded with e-mails and scams from the company.


Medical Health Professionals

Before self-diagnosing, as many people do, you should always call on the help of a medical professional. In doing this, you will be given the best possible and most reliable advice. If you have self-diagnosed on a website and felt that you may have some symptoms, then it is best to seek medical advice. Many medical professionals advise that you do consult them before you research your symptoms online. You may frighten yourself and self-diagnose wrongly, which can cause a lot of stress. Although there are many legitimate sites, you should use the NHS website as it provides information on what to do if you feel you have symptoms of a certain illness. Most legitimate websites provide numbers to clinics, hospitals, and medical professionals who you can call if you feel you need help. This is one way to identify a reliable website with health advice.

Finding The Right Doctor: Things to Look Out For

Your health is not something to be taken for granted. Looking after your mind and body is pivotal. So if your health is so important, it also means the Doctor you visit is able to provide you with the care and treatment that works best for you.

Medical professionals are not one size fits all. Some are better in their field than others. And some are simply interested in making a quick buck off your insurance provider. So we have put together this guide of things to look out for while you are searching for a new primary carer.

Bedside Manner

Being a Doctor is about more than just treating an illness. It also involves caring for a patient. Having a rude or angry doctor working as your primary carer will undoubtedly have negative effects on your mental health. It has also been proven that doctors with poor bedside manner discourage patients from returning as often as they should, which can lead to further issues.

So you will want to make sure the doctor you are seeing is friendly, patient and it also helps if they are a little bit charming too.

Medical Knowledge

This one will require you to do a bit of medical research yourself. Medicine is an ever-changing field. As such, doctors need to constantly be reading up on the latest advancements and putting them into practice. For example, a recent medical study found doctors prefer microcannulas over sharp needles as they are safer and more effective. So you might question your doctor about this to see if they are keeping up with the times.

You want to make sure your primary carer is giving you the best treatment you can get. So take to the internet and get read up on the latest medical innovations.

Specialist Training

The medical field is massive. There are countless different fields a doctor can specialize and study in. And not every doctor will be versed in every other field. To that end, you need to make sure you have found a doctor that can provide what you need.

This is particularly important for anyone with preexisting conditions or a predisposition to certain ailments such as migraines. Every year hundreds of people have serious conditions or illnesses that go undiagnosed because of poor medical care. So it is crucial that you find a doctor who is skilled and well-read. But most importantly, you want a doctor who isn’t going to dismiss you out of hand.


Thinking of reviews when it comes to doctors might seem silly. But reviews aren’t just for restaurants and hotels.  But hearing what other people have to say about a medical professional is vital in making sure they are right for you. A doctor might seem great when you first meet them, but this could all be a front. Don’t be afraid to dive in and do some research on the man behind the medicine.



Active Mind, Active Body: How to Maintain Your Well-Being in 2021

I think we can all agree that we are completely erasing the year 2020 from our minds and starting fresh in the year 2021. Due to the circumstances surrounding 2020, a lot of us have picked up lazy habits and brain-frying hobbies that we simply cannot bring into the new year with us. 2020 was a year dedicated to gaining weight and spending an unimaginable amount of time watching Netflix, but we must ensure 2021 is completely different. We aren’t completely sure how long the utter madness of this year will last or whether or not it will follow us into 2021, but one thing that we have to ensure for the upcoming year is that we maintain our own wellbeing. One of the main ways in which we can do that is by ensuring that we are not only keeping our bodies active but our minds too.  Here is how to maintain your wellbeing in 2021.


Put down the phone

Though it can be understandably tempting to spend hours on end browsing whatever is on our phone screens, in 2021 we as a society should try to cut down on this. I’m sure if you went into your settings and took a look at the hours that you have spent on your phone today, you will be more than shocked at the results.  Though phones are a great way to stay connected and enjoy all of the wonders of the internet, they can be extremely detrimental to your physical and mental health. First of all, prolonged time spent on your phone can be really damaging on your eyes and can affect how your eyes handle brightness. Secondly, spending so much time in a virtual world can be extremely damaging to your mental health and can blur the lines between reality and online.


Exercise your mind

Something else that you should be doing in 2021 is putting your mind to the test. For the majority of 2020 schools have been closed and most jobs have been put into furlough. This means that people haven’t really got the chance to exercise their minds and explore new information. In 2021, it is important that we all complete more tasks to make sure that our minds are active.  Read more books or if you are someone that requires more stimulation, play some games with your friends. A good one to really exercise your mind with is scrabble. It doesn’t even matter if you’re any good at scrabble, as you can always use helpful tools like scrabble go cheat while you learn the ropes.



One of the best ways you can really keep both your mind and your body active is by traveling and exploring new places. As sanctions begin to be lifted in the year 2021, holidays and other traveling opportunities will be much cheaper. This means that you have the perfect opportunity to really take in new locations and explore new cultures. This will be very beneficial for your mental health, as it is often vital to experience new things in order to develop further.


Eat healthier

Even if you aren’t in a position where you need to shift weight, eating healthy is really important when ensuring your wellbeing.  Eating clean foods can be vital to living a happier and healthier lifestyle as poorer junk foods will not give you all of the vital nutrients that you need and may leave you feeling tired and worn out. Eating healthier means that you will have all of the energy that you need to further improve your health.

Why You should Consider Getting a Personal Trainer Right Now

Most people when they decide to get fit and healthy attempt it on their own. While taking the steps in the right direction to improve your health is always a good start, by doing it this way you’re likely to make many mistakes. Whilst you think that you’re being healthier sometimes these mistakes lead to you actually being unhealthier than you were previously, this is because you may forget to take into account calories such as from oils and sauces. Many people avoid getting a personal trainer because they’re embarrassed by their current fitness level or because they think they might mess up and don’t want anyone else to be aware, personal trainers help people from all levels of fitness and they’re used to people making mistakes so this isn’t a reason to not consider a personal trainer. Many women don’t consider getting a personal trainer as they are predominately male, if you prefer a female personal trainer then in most gyms this is an option and there are many women personal trainers you can find online too. We’ve rounded up the best reasons to consider getting a personal trainer right now.

You’re Not Seeing Results

One of the most frustrating things, when you commit to a new exercise regime, is when you’re weeks into the program you’ve created and the scales aren’t changing and your old pair of jeans don’t fit you yet. When you don’t see results this is when people become unmotivated and start to slack, this is the perfect time to get a personal trainer as they’ll be able to identify and rectify any mistakes in your program and help you to get back on track. A trainer will be able to set you more realistic smaller goals, keep you accountable, and push you to work a bit harder each session. By getting some professional advice and putting your trust in your new trainer and what they tell you to do you’ll start seeing results in no time.

You’re Just Starting Out

If you’re a total beginner to exercising you might think you’ll be able to smash out a plan and see results but it’s likely that you’re underestimating how complex finding the right exercise is.  Once you start to create a program you’ll see that it can be overwhelming and this is where considering getting a personal trainer is a good idea. If you’re nervous a trainer might make your new exercise schedule too intense and this is why you’re avoiding getting a trainer, then don’t worry. Personal trainers have done a lot of training and can cater to all abilities and needs, they usually ask you to complete a fitness test on your first session with them so they can plan your schedule accordingly. They’ll also ask about your life schedule and will make your new exercise plan work around you, for example, if you work lots of hours a week they won’t schedule 10 miles runs for you instead they’ll schedule high-intensity interval training which only takes 20 minutes to ensure you have enough time.

You’re Bored of Your Current Workout

Nothing kills motivation to exercise as much as too much repetition. If you run the same streets 4 times a week then it’s inevitable that you’ll get bored and you’ll stop committing to your 4 weekly runs. This is another great reason to get a personal trainer as they’ll change your plan every 4 weeks and they have an in-depth knowledge of exercise so they’ll be able to give you fresh new fun workouts so you stay motivated.

These Games are a Great Way of Exercising Your Mind

Exercise is one of the most important parts of our health. A good workout session does wonders for the body and the mind. Releasing endorphins and creating a post-workout high that can boost you through any difficult day.

But there is a huge difference between working out for your mind and working out your mind. While a traditional workout will make you feel good, a mental workout will boost your brainpower and make you more alert and focused.

Mental workouts are proven to improve your memory and information intake. Along with improving rapid thinking and overall mood. There are a number of ways to work out your mind. But the best way is to play any of these different games. Each is fun and engaging and proven to give your brain a proper workout. And don’t be afraid to look up some game help for any of these. The point is winning, but to test yourself.


One of the oldest and most respected games on the planet. Chess is the ultimate battle of wits and tactics. The path to victory in chess lies in not only having an excellent plan of your own but being able to predict your opponent’s moves. You need to play around them while they play around you.

Chess is one of the easiest games to learn, and the most difficult game to master. But it is one of the most mentally rewarding games out there. There are hundreds of online chess games available. Or go old school and get a cheap chess set and start battling now.



Suduko is a numbers puzzle that can throw a lot of people off, especially if those people dislike maths But Suduko isn’t really about maths at all. It is about planning ahead, carefully calculating your next move, and testing your puzzle-solving abilities.

It has been said that doing one Suduko puzzle a day can have a significant impact on your day to day life. And Suduko books are extremely cheap as well. So there is no reason not to give it a try.


The ultimate test of your vocabulary and spelling skills wrapped up in a puzzle. Crosswords have been shown to improve your power of speech along with helping your logical thinking abilities. The connections your brain makes while associating a word with the correct clue train your mind to make these connections about the world around you.

If you work in public speaking or any job that involves writing, doing a daily crossword is a fantastic way to keep your skills sharp and expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Guitar Hero

Something a bit more out there than our previous choices. Guitar Hero is more than just a wish-fulfillment for wannabe rockers. It is a powerful tool for improving hand-eye coordination and rhythm skills. This combines a good physical workout with an intense mental one, giving the best of both worlds.

It also helps improve your information processing skills. The speed at which Guitar Hero plays means the brain has to take in a lot of information fast and process it into physical movement. So if you work in a field that requires a lot of physical activity, or even a slow-paced job that needs you to keep a rhythm, Guitar Hero is an excellent choice.

It should be noted that any rhythm game works just as well as Guitar Hero. Beatsaber or Rock band or even Dance-Dance Revolution. All of these provide the same benefits.

Why Board Games are a Great Way to Stay Mentally Fit

Doing activities that promote healthy mental health has never been more important, with so many people all over the world currently finding themselves bored or with nothing to do, activities like playing board games offer relief from this boredom by providing entertaining mental stimulation. The great thing about board games is that they often have ways of teaching you something whilst hiding it in a  fun concept, this has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of teaching as it encourages you to have fun whilst learning something new.


Spend Time With Loved Ones

With mental health having strong links to a person’s emotional state, one of the biggest mental benefits of playing a board game would have to be the fact that it makes you spend quality time with a friend or family member. If you are feeling down or you feel your mental health is in a negative state one of the best things you could do is to sit down and spend some quality time with a loved one, small experiences like these often help and may even encourage you to talk about your problems whilst you play.


Maths Within Board Games

You will be surprised to know just how many board games actually require mathematics style skills, some in a very subtle way and others rely heavily upon maths in order for you to be able to play. Games involving dice require the player to be able to do simple adding and especially for younger children, this is a very good way to sneak teaching into playtime. Other games like backgammon and connect four have elements of maths to them also, playing games like these has been proven to encourage good mental health as it occupies and stimulates the mind in a situation where you could be doing nothing. Using maths in board games is also a great learning tool for young children, gently encouraging them to learn more about maths in a relaxing and easy-going environment, which often gets the best results.



Scrabble is a classic family board game consisting of players finding space for words created from their given tiles, each letter used is worth a number of points with the obscure letters being worth more. This game has been around for quite some time with many experts looking at whether or not this game impacts mental fitness, after extensive research the fundamental concept of the game is to encourage children and families to share words that they are familiar with.

This is a great method of getting children to learn new words as they are having competitive fun as well, widening your vocabulary is a great way to keep mentally fit as you are learning new things in a way that is natural and not forced. If you find that you are becoming too advanced for classic scrabble you may want to think about playing scrabble go cheat, this takes the classic scrabble format with a modern twist, this game is playable online and would be great for those who wish to be challenged even further.


Occupying the Mind

A final reason why board games are great for mental fitness is that they offer an escape from the negative aspects of your life, in moments where you feel that your mental health has dropped one of the best things that you can do would be to take your mind off what is affecting you. Board games are a great way to occupy the mind and spend some time with family, doing this can help you to forget about what is making you feel bad and improve your mental state.